Who's who




Mrs K Dutton



Mrs P Dyson

Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs S Davies

Inclusion Manager

Mrs J Wales

Business Manager

Mrs G Leach

Admin Assistants:

Miss N Smith 

Miss S West

Class Teachers:         


Mrs F Mugabi

Mrs R Pretoru

Year 1        

Mr D Meyer

Miss C Milan

Year 2

Mrs S Joseph

Miss K Kent

Year 3/4: 

Miss F Ackland

Mrs M Lucas-Williams  

Mrs S Hamilton

Year 5/6:  

Miss R Bilson

Mr S Larwood

Mrs S Smith

Mrs K Ward

Additional Teacher:    

Mrs A Hodson

Nursery Nurses :         

Miss M Taylor

Miss K Wilson

Inclusion Support Worker:

Mr P Black                     


Mrs W McCarthy


Teaching Assistants:    

Mrs S Abbott

Mrs S Asare-Brown

Mrs R Bentz

Mrs K Coldham

Mrs G Crossingham

Mrs S Eckert

Mrs P Goodson

Mrs S Gould

Ms L Longhurst

Mrs A Marien

Miss S West

Learning Support Assistants:

Ms A Bailey

Ms A Hunt

Mrs A Miles

Miss C Thorley

General Assistant

Mrs K Man

Senior Meals Supervisor:                     

Mrs P Goodson

Meals Supervisors :     

Mrs S Abbott

Mrs S Asare-Brown

Mrs R Bentz

Mrs S Gould

Mrs L Longhurst

Mrs K Man

Mrs A Marien

Miss S West

Premises Officer:        

Mr D Akinfe

Breakfast Club:           

Mrs R Bentz

Mrs P Goodson

Mrs S Gould

Mrs L Longhurst


Mr A Aminou

Mr M Sower

The school is closely linked with St. Bartholomew's Church, Westwood Hill and St. Philip The Apostle, Coombe Road.

St. Bartholomew's Vicar:   

Rev M Kingston

St. Philip's Vicar:            

Rev P Tiernan