St. Bartholomew's C.E. Primary School

Kindness, Respect and Perseverance

Headteacher Daniel Meyer
St Bartholomew’s C.E. Primary School
The Peak, Sydenham, London. SE 26 4LJ
020 8699 8537




Grey tailored trousers or grey pinafore dress or skirt; light blue or white cotton shirt; navy blue v-necked jumper or cardigan (with logo, recommended but not essential); school tie; navy blue, grey or white socks or navy, black or grey tights; plain navy blue or black coat or anorak, (not denim) black sensible shoes/black trainers. If trainers are to be worn, they should be plain and resemble shoes. No boots are allowed.  NB: Reception children may wear a white polo shirt without a tie.


Same as winter but there is an option of light blue checked cotton dress or grey shorts instead of trousers; sensible black or navy blue sandals; black or navy blue cagoule.  Ties should still be worn with shirts.

PE Kit

House colour t-shirt (with or without logo) and black sports shorts for indoor PE; plimsolls or plain black lightweight trainers; navy or black tracksuit or sweatshirt and tracksuit/jogging bottoms, for outdoor PE when cold; hair band, (if hair reaches below the neck;) drawstring bag to store PE kit. If tights are worn during the rest of the day, children must bring black or white socks to change into for PE. Swimming trunks, shorts (above the knee) or costume (one-piece).  House colour to be advised.

Please note:  Book-bags are sold via the school so you do NOT need to buy a backpack with the school’s logo on it.  PE bags can be any colour and do NOT need to have the school logo on them either but must be named. Hair accessories must be school colours (navy blue or white).

Jewellery:   The only jewellery permitted is a watch and plain stud earrings, which must be removed and stored for safe-keeping during PE lessons and as appropriate (or covered with plasters provided by the parent/carer).

Uniform items are available from our stockists:

  • Wearabouts, 99 Sydenham Road, Sydenham, London, SE26 5UA