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Pupil Voice

Our children are the heart of our school and we have developed lots of opportunities for their voice to be heard. In addition to encouraging active participation throughout the curriculum and the school day, we have also established a range of child-led councils with representatives elected from each class. These councils meet regularly and each have their own focus (please see the terms of reference for each council below).

Eco Council

The Eco Council meets to discuss ways in which we can reduce the negative environmental impact that the school has. We have achieved the Green Flag award in recognition of the work we have done over the past 5 years. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council

The EDI Council was established in response to the murder of George Floyd. The Council considers elements of the Lewisham Race equality pledge and ways in which children might be able to help the school meet its equality objectives. 

Faith Group

This is our newest pupil voice group and will bring together children, staff, families and members of St Bartholomew's Church. 

Reading Ambassadors

Our reading ambassadors are passionate about inspiring a love of reading and their work is focused on reading for pleasure. They have been working with students and staff at a local secondary school (Sydenham Girls) to develop ideas for our school library project. 

School Council

The School Council is our longest running pupil voice group. It is an opportunity for representatives from every class to think about ways they would like to make our school even better - often resulting in an exciting and eclectic list of suggestions making its way to the headteacher after each meeting! 

Wellbeing Ambassadors 

Our wellbeing ambassadors meet with the Deputy Head for Inclusion to consider children's mental health and wellbeing.