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Leadership opportunities

We provide lots of different opportunities for children to experience leadership and to have positions of responsibility. 

Many children will be elected as a class representative on one of our pupil voice councils (see Pupil Voice page for further information).

Within classes children may be assigned specific responsibilities (e.g. book corner monitor, exercise book distributor or energy champion). This begins in our very youngest classes with reception classes selecting a daily class leader and KS1 classes choosing 'helping hands' each day. 

In year 5 children are able to volunteer to train as play leaders. They are then taught a range of games and activities that they can facilitate with children on both playgrounds. They have a rota to know which days they are working. 

Each term a different group of children in year 6 are selected to serve as prefects. Prefects have a range of roles and responsibilities in addition for being role models for younger children and ambassadors for the school. They regularly set up the hall for Collective Worship, deliver/collect register wallets from each class, complete small jobs for staff, and support children in younger year groups (e.g. walking reception children back to their playground from the lunch hall).

Following an application and selection process, a small group of children from year 6 are chosen at the start of the academic year to serve as Lifesavers cashiers. Under the supervision of Mrs Washbourne and Mrs Asare-Brown, they run our savings bank (accredited through Lewisham Credit Union).