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The School’s Governing Board is an extremely committed body of sixteen people, made up from various sections of the school community. Governors are responsible for all the statutory aspects of school such as agreeing and monitoring the implementation of the school development plan. They support and promote the Christian ethos of the school. Additionally, the Governors are responsible for agreeing the school’s budget plan, senior appointments and, Health and Safety, and make decisions on building improvements and capital projects.

As this is a voluntary aided primary school, the Governing Board contributes 10% of the funds required for all capital works. Governors are involved in the everyday life of the school, often visiting to see the children and learn more about our wonderful provision.

The Governing Board delegate several areas of interest to two subcommittees: Children and Learning, and Resources. Each subcommittee has its own chair and reports back to the Governing Board.

We have also appointed Link Governors who take an interest in specific issues across the school.  Link Governors make regular visits to the school and provide reports on those visits to the Governing Board.

Our Chair of Governors, Bettina Carlyon, can be contacted by email at: or by post through the school: St Bartholomew's Primary School, The Peak, Sydenham, SE26 4LJ.

Resources Committee Children and Learning Committee
Bettina Carlyon, Chelsea Drake, Rosalind Goodrich, Gwilym Jones, Laurianne Juhel, Peter Main, Daniel Meyer Hilary Buckhurst, Bettina Carlyon, Rebecca Johns, Pauline Lloyd, Daniel Meyer, David Roberts, Louise Ryle, Deborah Williams



      Name               Governor Category
Hilary Buckhurst Foundation
Bettina Carlyon (Chair) Foundation
Chelsea Drake Foundation
Rosalind Goodrich (vice-Chair) Foundation
Rebecca Johns Associate 
Cathryn Johnston (Deputy Head) Associate
Gwilym Jones Foundation
Laurianne Juhel Parent
Steve Larwood (Deputy Head) Associate
Pauline Lloyd Foundation - SDBE
Peter Main (vice-Chair) Local Authority
Daniel Meyer Headteacher
Rev Jim Perry Incumbent
David Roberts Foundation
Louise Ryle Parent
Deborah Williams Parent


















Governors who have left the governing board over the last calendar year: Allison George, Sara Sanbrook-Davies, Louise Ward, Bernadine Williams-Adebayo  

Clerk to the Governing Body: Ms Justine Tunstall, c/o St Bartholoomew’s Primary School

Please see the attachments below for an overview of our governing board, attendance at meetings, and declarations of interest.