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Enrichment clubs

We have a wide range of enrichment clubs that run from 3.30pm to 4.30pm each day. We try to ensure that there is a club open to all year groups from Monday to Friday. Some of these clubs are arranged through the school whilst others are booked directly with the club provider.

We are always looking for new and exciting enrichment opportunities, so please do contact Mrs Washbourne in the school office if you have any ideas:

We were recently able to add basketball and karate sessions following requests from children. 


Mondays for KS2 with London Thunder

Book through school office


Fridays for KS2

Book through school office


Mondays for Reception and KS1 with La Jolie Ronde

Book through Iva on 07979 450269


Mondays for Y1 and Y2 with Kaigaishii Karate

Wednesdays for KS2 with Kaigaishii Karate

Book through Sensei Bethany on 07983 544592


Fridays for KS2 with The Latin Project

Book through school office

Music Making

Wednesdays for Reception

Book through school office


Thursdays for all year groups with The London Parkour Project

Fridays for all year groups with The London Parkour Project

Book by emailing


Tuesdays for KS2 with Lewisham Music Service

Book through school office


Wednesday for Years 1 to 6 with Mother Nature Science

Book through their website

Street Dance

Tuesdays for Reception and KS1 with Boogie Pumps

Thursdays for KS2 with Boogie Pumps

Book by emailing Sherilyn on


Mondays for KS2 with Boo Theatre

Thursdays for Reception and KS1 with Boo Theatre

Book by emailing


Tuesdays for KS2 with Deep Dish Volleyball

Book through school office