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Art and Design

The National Curriculum expectations for art and design in primary schools can be found here:


We have used this curriculum to develop our own bespoke approach at St Bartholomew's based on the following Intent, Implementation and Impact statement:


At St Bartholomew’s, art and design is a highly valued subject and we want all children to benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum. We want art and design to provide the children with opportunities to develop creativity whilst developing new technical skills, and to offer an outlet to express and celebrate their individual interests, thought and ideas.

Art and design should be a way for children to celebrate their own personalities and identities whilst engaging with the vibrant world around them.


Our art and design curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and linked to topics to ensure a well-structured and cross curricular approach. Our lessons are sequenced, with no fixed outcome. We want all children at St Bartholomew’s to develop their technical art skills but we also value the reflective critical process which leads to the development of creativity and other key skills.

We ensure that children have access to a wide range of good-quality resources to support their physical and sensory needs.

The children’s understanding is enhanced by learning about famous local, national and international artists. These are carefully selected to expose the children to a range of artists from diverse cultural, religious, geographic, historical and ethnic contexts. 

We use whole school projects, competitions and events to encourage collaboration between children whilst also celebrating individuality and uniqueness.  


Ongoing assessments are carried out throughout the year. It is important for children to assess their own work and that of others. In doing so the children are developing technical skills alongside additional skills such as resilience, metacognition and critical thinking, all of which can be used to support learning across the entire National Curriculum and also in later life.

Children express themselves creatively; completed pieces of work demonstrate their individuality and how they have responded to verbal feedback from staff and their peers. We build on each child’s existing cultural capital, and value freedom of expression rather than expecting everyone to produce the same outcome.

Recent school trips Enrichment activities
Dulwich Picture Gallery Royal Academy Young Artists' Summer Exhibition
National Portrait Gallery National Portrait Gallery Faces and Places project
Tate Modern Links with Aritsan Village
Victoria and Albert Museum Sky Access All Arts


Please find our whole-school curriculum overview below.

Please note that this overview was introduced in January 2023 and is being evaluated over the spring and summer terms before being fully implemented for the 2023/24 academic year. 


You will also find an overview of how the Early Learning Goals and EYFS curriculum relate to the Primary Curriculum and our progression of skills for this subject.