St. Bartholomew's C.E. Primary School

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Headteacher Sara Davies
St Bartholomew’s C.E. Primary School
The Peak, Sydenham, London. SE 26 4LJ
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At St Bartholomew’s we are passionate about allowing children to explore and reason in maths. We follow a maths mastery approach to teaching allowing children to see, feel, and explain mathematical concepts. As a school we strongly believe in the CPA (concrete, abstract, pictorial) approach to teaching maths with new mathematical concepts introduced to pupils using an array of concrete resource. We want to promote and develop a love of maths; allowing pupils to apply their knowledge and reasoning skills at a deeper level to help investigate patterns, processes, and rules. We also want to ensure that we give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate their mathematical acumen in other areas in the curriculum.

Please see the links below for our maths curriculum and our current policies.


What we teach

Maths Policy

Calculation Policy