St. Bartholomew's C.E. Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Headteacher Sara Davies
St Bartholomew’s C.E. Primary School
The Peak, Sydenham, London. SE 26 4LJ
020 8699 8537

St Bartholomew’s School Council 

(drafted by its members)


Our School Council is about making a change and a difference.  We are democratic so we bring our ideas and make suggestions to Mrs. Davies to help make the school calmer and to help with learning.  Each class elect two representatives (reps) to be part of the group and they wear a School Council badge.  We take it in turns and membership changes every term.

We discuss a range of topics, such as 

  • The school values
  • How to care for the environment
  • How to take a role in our school community and local community.


The School Council also like to think of ways to help others as well and how the school can raise money for charities or school funds.  We have raised money for the charities Water Aid and Christian Aid and have also encouraged the school to take part in Red Nose Day.

In 2018 the School Council led the school in the 20 is Plenty campaign, when the whole school walked with banners in the local area to ask drivers to keep their speed to 20mph and in 2019 we also helped to lead a Climate Change march down Sydenham High Street.

We think of ways to keep the school safe and healthy: we like to encourage the school community to pick up litter as well as to keep the toilets clean and we have made posters to remind everyone.

The School Council have also helped to set the PSHCE curriculum, including the values of the school.

We meet alternate weeks with Mrs. Miles, the Learning Mentor. 

The School Council is an important part of our school because we need a group of children to discuss how we can improve school community and make it a happy place.