e-Safety Advice

At Saint Bartholomew’s Primary School, we take e-Safety extremely seriously. It is the right of all children to feel safe and secure when using technology.

We teach children to use the internet and other technologies safely and we show them how to behave in an appropriate manner. They know what to do if they feel uncomfortable with anything they see or hear either online or through other technology such as mobile phones.

We have a simple procedure which we hope is also used at home: if anything makes you feel scared or uncomfortable online tell a responsible adult straight away. Don’t be afraid that you will get into trouble.

It is important to encourage a healthy lifestyle with regard to the use of technology and teach children about the risks of exposure to inappropriate content or too much time in front of a screen. We show children how to keep their data and security safe and we teach them to be critical of the things they see online.  Please read this useful round-up of apps often used by children (courtesy of Tiger Mobiles) or click on links below for more information:




Parent’s and Carer’s Guide to the Internet

Advice to Parents from O2