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Whole School Religious Education Curriculum


Year Group Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
EYFS Self and Others Festivals -Christmas Living things Festivals – Easter Symbolism and  rituals Right and wrong
YEAR 1 Judaism -Festivals in Jewish Life and Shabbat The Christmas Story Creation- The Natural World Easter Symbols Old testament prophets Jesus the teacher
YEAR 2 Baptism Christmas Light Islam-Prophet Muhammad and 5 pillars of Islam Easter traditions The Bible – who has a Bible and why? Our Local Church
YEAR 3 Hinduism- and worshipping in the home Christmas Gifts Buddhism- The Buddha Easter and the Passover Local Christian places of worship Prayer and Worship
YEAR 4 Islam- Ramadan and Id ul Fitr Christmas journeys The Christian Community The Easter Story What is the Bible’s big story? Sikhism – Sikh Teaching and Life
YEAR 5/6 Judaism- Abraham, Prayer and Worship of God Christmas then and now Buddhism- the Buddhist Community Worldwide Easter – Pentecost The Journey of Life and Death Faith in Action