Senior Leadership Team:

Sara Sanbrook-Davies
Curriculum and Assessment Lead; Designated Person Safeguarding (2); Collective Worship
Steven Larwood
Deputy Head
Teaching and Learning Lead; Designated Person Safeguarding (3)
Cathryn Johnston
Deputy Head
Inclusion Lead, Designated Person Safeguarding (1); Extended Services;  Responsibility for LSA’s and TA’s
Gillian Leach
School Business Manager
Finance and Personnel; Responsibility for Office and Premises staff; First Aider
Daniel Meyer
Assistant Head
EYFS (reception) and Key Stage One
Maria Lucas Williams
Assistant Head
Key Stage Two

Teaching Staff:

Rebecca Gibbens Teacher – Bristol Class (Reception)
Susan Smith Teacher – Ely Class (Reception)
Daniel Meyer Teacher – Ely Class (Reception)
Rebekah Douglas-Bagley Teacher – Canterbury Class (Yr 1)
Leanne Moore Teacher – Winchester Class (Yr 1)
Susan Hamilton Teacher – Oxford Class (Yr 2)
Rosemund Pretoru Teacher – York Class (Yr 2)
Sharon Joseph Teacher – St Paul’s Class (Yr 3)
Florence Mugabi Teacher – Leeds Class (Yr 3)
Katherine Gough Teacher – Leedss Class (Yr 3)
Maria Lucas-Williams Teacher – Chichester Class (Yr 4)
Lorean Innes Teacher – Wells Class (Yr 4)
Bernadine Williams Teacher – Southwark Class (Yr 5)
Victoria Richardson Teacher – Portsmouth Class (Yr 5)
Steven Larwood Teacher – Portsmouth Class (Yr 5)
Amber Morbin Teacher – Durham Class (Yr 6)
Andrew Newbon Teacher – Guildford Class (Yr 6)

Support Staff:

Wendy Harris Higher Level Teaching Assistant; PPA Cover
Pete Black Learning Mentor
Alex Miles Learning Mentor & Forest School Lead
Anne Bailey Teaching Assistant  (Reception); Breakfast Club Leader
Kelly Thomas Teaching Assistant (Reception); Meals Supervisor
Veronica Anumah Teaching Assistant (Reception); Meals Supervisor
Maureen Taylor Nursery Nurse (Reception)
Lisa Longhurst Teaching Assistant (Yr 1); Meals Supervisor
Heather Johnson Teaching Assistant (Y1); Meals Supervisor
Ros Bentz Teaching Assistant (Yr 2); Breakfast Club Leader; Meals Supervisor
Paula Goodson Teaching Assistant (Yr 2); Breakfast Club Leader; Senior Meals Supervisor
Sarah-Louise Eckert Teaching Assistant (Yr 3); Meals Supervisor
Susan Abbott Teaching Assistant s (Yr 3)
Susan Asare-Brown Teaching Assistant (Yr 4)- am; Interventions – pm; Meals Supervisor
Michelle Cox Teaching Assistant (Yr 4); Meals Supervisor
Karen Coldham Teaching Assistant (Yr 5)
Sally Gould Teaching Assistant (Yr 5); Breakfast Club Leader; Meals Supervisor
Amy Hunt Teaching Assistant (Yr 6); Meals Supervisor
Stewart Leach Teaching Assistant (Yr 6 & EYFS); Breakfast Club Leader; Meals Supervisor
Cheryl Thorley Classroom Assistant
Annabelle Marian Learning Support Assistant
Cosmina Cadar
Emma Iles Learning Support Assistant
Nicola Smith Admin Officer; First aider
Caroline Washbourne Admin Officer; First aider
Dipo Akinfe Premises Manager
Kim Man General Assistant; Meals Supervisor
Luckman Aminou
Michael Sowah

Massa Nguizani
Marina Shaftoe Family Support Worker